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    Illingworth & Rodkin assists architects, engineers and other building professional in the architectural design and implementation of airborne sound and impact noise isolation between interior spaces of separate use/occupancy in new and existing residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We assess exterior wall and window construction components and assist our clients to develop sound isolation for building envelopes needed to achieve Building Code and/or HUD requirements for interior noise levels attributable to exterior or interior noise sources.  We also analyze architectural acoustics and advise our clients on room design and acoustical material selection and placement to improve interior room acoustics for spaces such as offices, churches, school auditoriums & gymnasiums, winery tasting rooms, restaurants, multi-use facilities, and community centers.

    Available Services

    • Interior airborne Sound Transmission Class (STC) sound isolation design and review
    • Interior Structureborne Impact Insulation Class (IIC) sound isolation design and review
    • Exterior to interior noise and vibration reduction within buildings
    • Acoustical assessments to meet Building Code and/or HUD requirements
    • Room acoustics design and retrofit solutions
    • Reverberation time measurements and modeling
    • As-built field sound transmission and impact insulation measurements
    • Vibration measurements and analysis of building structures and mechanical equipment
    • Heating, Ventilation, &Air Conditioning (HVAC) system noise reduction/isolation design and review
    • Interior noise measurements of HVAC systems and other mechanical equipment
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